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Bright New world is a technology company developing cutting edge solar energy products. Our premier products are targeted for Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) and the transportation market.

Founded in 2013 by a group of seasoned and accomplished technologists, Bright New World technology is focused on repurposing existing base technology utilized in other areas with Bright New World patented techniques. Our senior team boasts an impressive 130 patents and numerous peer-reviewed papers.

Bright New World currently has 9 employees, with offices in Sweden and the United States.

Our Vision...

To revolutionize the ability to generate useful energy from the sun. We envision a world where all energy consuming entities are fully or partially able to generate their own energy directly from solar power.

Product Development

Bright New World is creating lightweight thin flexible solar films to enable energy collection on surfaces not previously available for solar solution. With world leading competence in optics and nano-technology, the patented BNW solutions are highly efficient, flexible, lightweight and multi-colored.

Bright New World’s initial product offering includes the following:

flexible photovoltaic sheet
Bright Window

Transparent PV solar film with high efficiency and invisible to the human eye. Using patented technology, Bright New World's Bright Window solution reflects light, that is not visible to the human eyes, to the edge of the window while letting visible light pass through the window.

solar car surfacing
Bright Surface

Thin, flexible and heat reflective PV film targeted for buildings, cars, boats and trains. The patented technology can be manufactured in multiple colors and form factors to meet the need of the targeted structure or vehicle. Bright New World's Bright Surface solution is aimed to enable dressing all surfaces exposed to the sun for the ultimate energy collection.

Our Advantages

Light weight

The Bright New World design is 50-70% lighter than comparable existing solutions allowing for smaller and nimbler supporting structures.


The Bright New World solar solutions can be bound on highly flexible film which provides the ability to form the final product on-top or inside base material.

Cost effective

Due to the use of existing base technologies, the overall cost of manufacturing will be much lower than other comparable products. The Bright New World products are designed for roll to roll production limit transportation cost and impact on the environment.


The Bright New world products has a significantly higher efficiency than comparable products on the market. This efficiency is achieved by use of the patented layered module design.


Bright New World solar surface product is the only product able to be manufactured in multiple colors to match colors of the overall structure or vehicle.

Heat reflective

Patented optics solution allow the Bright New World solar products to only allow the most useful solar spectrum to enter the solar product where the non-useful light is reflected which provides a significant lower working temperature for the Bright New World solar products than competitive solutions. Lower working temperatures has a direct correlation to increased module efficiency.


Bright New World's technical team is world renowned as leaders in optics and nano-technology. With research facilities in Sweden and the United States, Bright New World is well positioned to bring new and unique products to the market.

The Bright New World technical team has over 130 combined patents and approximately 50 peer reviewed papers. 3 pending U.S. patents protect the unique technologies upon which our initial product offering is based.

A cornerstone of the Bright New World philosopy is to continuously push the limits on what is possible to drive innovation.


Bright New World was Created

Seed funding round closed

Prototype development started

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Market News

How The Global Solar Market Could Shake Out This Year And Next

2016 is in on track to be another big year for the global solar market, with Mercom Capital Group forecasting annual worldwide solar installations to total 76 GW – a 48% year-over-year (YOY) increase from 2015.

Government to Become a Key Demand Driver for Rooftop Solar Market in India

The rooftop solar market in India has grown at a CAGR of 98% in the last four years. As of 30 September 2016, total installed capacity stands at 1,020MW. Growth in this market is being primarily driven by improvement in price competitiveness of rooftop solar power vis-à-vis grid power.


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